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Old Malaysia

June 2007

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piratepintsize in msrants

My mother and I went shopping last night in a departmental store.

We headed towards the winter clothing section, to look for a nice parka for me. We saw a couple that we liked, so I grabbed one and tried it on, while my mother was holding the other one.

Okay before I go on, you have to know that I'm a Malay-looking Malay-Chinese, albeit a 'banana', while my mother's Malay (but she speaks and understands Hokkien and Mandarin). All the store assistants were Chinese.

The winter section was deserted, and we were the only customers browsing through the area, but I was puzzled because none of the four assistants approached us. They were speaking amongst themselves, and the next thing I knew, my mum was furiously telling them off.

Turns out that they were saying something like "Oh, look, look, they took two! They'll definitely make a purchase (laughs) good.. we don't need to work so hard already"

What the hell? What kind of attitude is that? Just because we looked highly interested in the items, and looked ready to buy them doesnt mean that they should stop serving us customers...Wait, not stop serving, more like not bothering to at ALL.
It's not like the place was PACKED with customers anyway, that they're SOOOOOOOO overworked...heck, they were just lazing around, chatting with each other...

Such lazy cretins!


Haih, I guess Malaysia needs revamping in the service sector. =\
And changes in the general work attitude. I'm talking laziness, procrastination, inefficiency, apathy..

Yup, it's Pintsize from Questionable Content <3. You should continue reading QC!