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Jun. 6th, 2007

Faye-Oh Bummer


Don't be fooled

Indeed, thats the lesson learnt, that I've learnt as not to be so easily fooled. Its strange that we need something to 'happen' in order to learn from it. For those home owners or people who reside with their parents, always be aware of 'rogue' contractors who just claim to be doing something for the benefit of your home but ends up ripping you off.

A few weeks ago, the SYABAS (Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor) truck came to dig a hole under the front driveway tarmac. The objective is to repair a leakage of water pipes. It'll be another few weeks before the SYABAS people come back to retar the front driveway. Only just yesterday, I was disturbed from doing household chores when a group of 'contractors' claim that our house driveway needs to be retarred all for the cost of RM350 (pls confirm if THIS is the exact market price).

Without thinking too much, I agreed. A very dumb move actually, because;

1. I did not ascertain whether they WERE sent by SYABAS (you need proof of legalities such as warrants/service orders etc)
2. If they were sent by SYABAS, it would have contacted the house owners first before attempting such repairs.
3. I wasn't the true home owner.

I don't know what prompted me to agree. So lets just say that assumptions are very very dangerous when dealing with total strangers. Now before I go on, I shall be mentioning some racial stereotypes which might offend some people here, so please bear with me.

Mum came home shortly later as the work was carried out in the evening. After it was finished, the 'rogue contractors' whom are Indian promptly demanded RM350 for the work done. Mum thought that if it was work done by SYABAS it shouldn't be charged at all. Thats when I realised that these 'contractors' are not even connected to SYABAS at all.

Then came a climatic verbal stand off scene where the 'contractors' argued that upon the 'agreement' (to which I dumbly agreed to without proper proof) that they should be payed for the work they've done. Mum said fine, they have done the work already but without proper consent and no proper legalities; they are just looking for quick money at the expense of others. A verbal ping pong match ensues and Mum gave a good fight back (while I, meek with sheer guilt stood a distance away).

"Now you tell me that you've done this and you're not even from SYABAS without proper documents. Why should I pay you? But yes you've done the work already, I can't even say anything else. You think I don't know? You just want to make a quick buck!!"

"Come on Auntie, the work we've done is proper and upon agreement from this person here..."

*motions towards me*

"He doesn't know anything because he thought you're from SYABAS and also he is not even the true house owner, I am the one you should be dealing with"

"So now how? Payment must be given. So RM350."

"Nope, RM150 is all that I can give you. Besides the last person who did this a few months ago didn't do a good job and look at the state before, the tarmac has holes in it after a few thunderstorms"

"Are you sure is that all?"

"I'm very sure that RM150 is all that I have on me and nothing else"

"Like this, I'll settle for RM200, I have a mother who has recently passed away"

"With regards to your passed on ones, I understand but then again, you can say whatever you want. But still $50 more is like extortion"

*hands out RM150*

"The money is here. You want it or not? Otherwise, I'll just walk back inside and close the door without paying. If you're not happy and want to do 'something' to my house, I know it is already you. Otherwise, just take out the tarmac again as if you've never done anything at all"

*he promptly takes the money and walks off without a huff*

"Son, take down the registration number, this will be reported"

After they have left, Mum gave me an A-Bomb earful (which the entire neighbourhood would've well listened on to within 1km distance) on well....you know what is already bound to be said. Besides, it was full of Cantonese expletives so I won't go further.

But yeah, it truly made me look like a naive bitch. Lesson learnt. Hard.

Feb. 25th, 2007


And the police cursed rempits as Anak Haram.

At around 3am I was driving at the highway from Hartamas towards the LDP. Mind you, my car was fast enough to be at the slow lane of the highway. The drive was really relaxing till this fast and furious driver decided to show up.

This waja suddenly turned behind me going God knows how many km/perhour. If there was a slower lane- trust me- it would have been my pick of the hour. Sure I would have gone to the middle lane if the the distance between my car and the car ahead were not too close. 

But ofcourse the fast and the furious waja did his stunts by cutting into the middle lane (therefore the waja was beside me) and then decided to cut into my lane while my car was beside it. Yes, I jam break on time with not only using breaks but hand breaks. The car in the middle lane was too shock that it honk at the car that was behind and then at the side of it.

To add more to the stunt the waja too had to sudden break- which ended up with a few screeching tyres from other cars behind it (including me) hoping we wont end up sardined.  And all that because it wanted to park its car infront of an immobile tow car at the side of the road. 

I flicked my finger when I passed the waja only to find out it was a police car. Like how could I not know? Easy. It didn't use the siren- neither did it go through the EMPTY (fast) right lane. 

And if he was a bloody rempit doing the stunts he did- I evilly would just drive him flat on the road rather than having my life killed over a low life cop.

the caption, "berkhidmat untuk negara" is way off the list it sounds more like, "berkhidmat seperti rempit".

I feel like telling the police man, "Kalau itu bukan rempit tapi anak haram.. What does that makes you?" 

Feb. 5th, 2007


(no subject)

My mother and I went shopping last night in a departmental store.

We headed towards the winter clothing section, to look for a nice parka for me. We saw a couple that we liked, so I grabbed one and tried it on, while my mother was holding the other one.

Okay before I go on, you have to know that I'm a Malay-looking Malay-Chinese, albeit a 'banana', while my mother's Malay (but she speaks and understands Hokkien and Mandarin). All the store assistants were Chinese.

The winter section was deserted, and we were the only customers browsing through the area, but I was puzzled because none of the four assistants approached us. They were speaking amongst themselves, and the next thing I knew, my mum was furiously telling them off.

Turns out that they were saying something like "Oh, look, look, they took two! They'll definitely make a purchase (laughs) good.. we don't need to work so hard already"

What the hell? What kind of attitude is that? Just because we looked highly interested in the items, and looked ready to buy them doesnt mean that they should stop serving us customers...Wait, not stop serving, more like not bothering to at ALL.
It's not like the place was PACKED with customers anyway, that they're SOOOOOOOO overworked...heck, they were just lazing around, chatting with each other...

Such lazy cretins!

Jan. 26th, 2007


Policeman found suspicious object in bag.

My friend had a very stressful day and all she wanted to do was just chill in the car and have some solitude. So she illegelally parked her car at the road side. Both of us start igniting our ciggarrates when two policemen caught us in the act and questioned us what we were doing inside.

And then they wanted to see the contents in our bags. My friend passed her bag to the policeman to dig in. He found a tampon in her bag. Astonishedly, he held the tampon at the torchlight.

Policeman: Apa bende ni? (What is this?)
My friend: Tampon la.
Policeman: Tampon tuh apa bende? (What is a tampon?) *Still holding on it*
My friend:  bwahahahahahaha
Me: Perempuan ada haid, guna tampon la bang..  (girls who have menstruation uses tampon la)
Policeman: Hah!! keciknya!! (Hah!! So small!!) *and drops it on the car disgustedly*

Anyways, the policemen informed my friend and I that for aslong as the driver isn't holding any Malaysian or International Driving license- they are not allowed to drive. Plus we pay monthly license for rm30+ for a year... yet the non-malaysians pays way less than us for a way longer term. NOT FAIR!!

Dec. 1st, 2006


On The Malaysian Education System.

Crossposted to malaysians and my LJ, as well as my girlfriend Keisha's Livejournal.

Dear friends, apa khabar semua.
Had a run in with the Ministry of Education a few days ago, and I'd just like to spread the word about what me and my girlfriend keishaks had to endure when we called up to get the info to help a little girl in need. It's more than a rant. This little girl needs a chance to shine, for shine she will, given the chance.

Both our accounts of the campaign are here, Keisha's and mine.

Keisha's account.

Hi everyone! This post is a follow up to the previous post regarding the complacency of the Malaysian Ministry of Education and Azadnisa's, or Nisa for short, heartfelt desire to pursue an education.

Firstly, I would like to expatiate about this little girl's life in more detail. When Nisa was born, her father abandoned her and her mother, for reasons unknown, although I am assuming that he was financially inept. Unfortunately, Nisa's mother was not well to do and she had to seek the best available job. Luckily enough, she found work at a South Indian restaurant in PJ called Grand City. How did I come to find out about her? Well, my grandfather's maid is quite an affable character and as such, she knows many workers/maids around the P.J. area. One day, she met Nisa's mother and Nisa, and she came home to tell me of the living conditions and the predicament they were in. Hearing my grandfather's maid elaborate, I was deeply saddened and decided that I will go and see this girl. When I took a walk to the restaurant's back alley, I saw Nisa playing on the road with some rotten old toys, tears immediately filled my eyes. I then went into the restaurant's kitchen and saw the small room in which Nisa and her mother slept. I was absolutely horrified to see the deplorable conditions they were living in! In the room, lay one small mattress on the dirty, wet cement floor and raggy, old clothes hung on a dilapidated rack. After seeing this, I hurried back to my grandfather's and told him everything. He and I both agreed that we needed to do something. As I remembered correctly, my grandfather made a few phone calls and got someone to arrange for Nisa to be enrolled in St. Paul's kindergarten. He then gave me some money to buy some presents for Nisa, since at the time, it was almost Christmas. We also invited Nisa and her mum over frequently so that She could play or watch T.V. In the following year, she went to St. Paul's but at first, she couldn't communicate to the other kids because she couldn't speak English. However, in due time, being as intelligent as she is, she grasped the English language so perfectly! And now, she is seven years old, ready and determined to take on Year 1 but unfortunately, this current dilemma has debouched.

You know, I've had experience with the Education Department before. You see, my half siblings' mother wanted to transfer her kids from the Malaysian education system into the American syllabus offered at many churches around Malaysia. These centers are extensions of the Church Ministry and they offer an alternative education to Malaysians who are sick and tired of the ineffective Malaysian education system. Anyway, I called them up and I was redirected at least ten times before I got the information I needed. And 3/4 of them couldn't speak English so I had to use the limited Malay I had learnt back in elementary. What baffled me most right is that why can't they process the info I gave them and connect me directly to a division which deals with the relevant information? As a nation that seeks to be a first world country by 2020, don't you think it is absolutely unacceptable that the people working in government especially, cannot communicate in English effectively? There are a number of reasons that one needs to speak in English. Firstly, it is a globalized language and therefore, for a country to maintain good sentiments with other countries, a common ground is needed and that common ground is language. And what language you might ask? English! Simply because it is spoken by the majority of this world. And please don't get me wrong, it is also important to preserve one's own culture but that does not mean that you shouldn't expand your horizons! Being able to communicate in a variety of languages allows you to expand your knowledge of this world as well as come to an appreciation of the diversity of ethnicity and culture!

I sincerely hope the press will stand up against the MOE so that we as a nation, can remedy this problem.

Earlier in this blog, I talked about the power of education. Nisa, being adamant and resolute, desires an education because she knows that education is the key to freedom.. whether it is freedom of hardship or freedom of oppression..! Almost every job demands a college education, it's a tough world out there and Nisa is begging for a chance to succeed and like many other unfortunate kids, she wants someone to believe in her. So I plead with all of you fellow Malaysians, give her that chance, and I swear to you, she will not let you down. She is our future ladies and gentlemen...our tomorrow.

My account.

The true story is as follows.

Azadnisa Rahman is a seven year old girl, who hopes to enter school in the coming school year. She is the child of a Indonesian cook at a South Indian restaurant who entered Malaysia on an Indonesian passport with a valid work permit, and a Bangladeshi father who has since disappeared for good. Azadnisa was born in Malaysia, and as such has a Malaysian Sijil Kelahiran(Birth Certificate). However, her birth was not registered with the Indonesian nor Bangladeshi Embassies, rendering her de facto stateless.
As such, it is difficult for her to obtain Malaysian citizenship, or Permanent Resident status. More importantly, and more pressing at this time is the fact that she has been barred from entering a Government school, due to the fact she has been registered as a foreigner, "Daftar Orang Asing".

She currently desires to have an education, at present, she and her mother live in the restaurant itself, having nowhere else to stay.
The family of my girlfriend, Keisha, have been helping her, her grandfather having aided in enrolling her in a church kindergarten.

However, she is now of school age.
As such, Keisha and I tried to determine what was the procedure to get her accepted into a primary school, run by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

The procedure was a nightmare. No department of the Education Ministry had the information we sought, nor did anyone speak English with any fluency.
I personally collected at least 8 different numbers before any progress was made.
The common statement was "we do not handle this", or "you speak to so and so at this number to get this done", only to call the number and to find out that no one was there,
or worse, the person did not deal with Azadnisa's issue, and once again, I would be given yet another department within the Schools Division.

It was only when Keisha and I had had enough, and decided to threaten the Ministry with a press release of their inefficiency, did we get anywhere.
We were redirected to Customer Services, who were about to divert me to another number yet again, but actually gave a response upon hearing our threat of press exposure.

What we found out is this. Azadnisa's situation bars her from entering a Malaysian Government School, and as such, she needs to enter a private school, keeping in mind the new government policy regarding mandatory school enrolment.

Azadnisa's bright. She needs a future. And, at this point, she needs a sponsor. Please, help her.

Thank you, friends, for any help you can provide. Thank you, for spreading the word.

Azadnisa needs us all.


Beware of road bullies

A little clip of a personal experience with a road bully yesterday. So much for Wawasan 2020.

For full details of what happened, it's in my journal. :) Hope this is OK, 'cause I really need to get it out of the system and road bullies deserve to be publicized for their stupidity. If this is not allowed feel free to delete.

Oct. 11th, 2006


dead body.

How close have you been from witnessing a dead body on the road ? I was driving half a meter away from the dead body and it gave me some serious goosebumps ! the lady standing in the middle of the road looks responsible for the death.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Poor guy.

Oct. 9th, 2006


$%#%# haze

Call it bitching if you must but I'm honestly, truly sick of the Indonesian Govt. Why don't just kill us once and for all. Because of these irresponsible idiots, we get polluted like no ones business and thus, falling sick from inhaling the god damn haze ! I'm seriously sick of this. Happens every damn year. Why am I getting all worked up over it ? cause I'm effin sick ! that is why. Been sick for the 2-3 days and it's not getting any better. Not to mention, almost everyone I know is sick and everyone has no choice but to take jabs for it ! one of my close friends got jabbed like twice ! wtf ?! and it hasn't rain for the past few days .. what happened to cloud seeding ?! I can't recall the last time it rained in KL .. anyone else ? As for the Malaysian Govt, if you can't do jackshit about it .. the least you could do is declare holiday for the sake of your citizens who have to puasa plus inhale this effin haze.

I'm just so pissed off period

Sep. 27th, 2006


light a candle.

The innocent victims of Internet child abuse cannot speak for themselves.

But you can.

With your help, we can eradicate this evil trade.

We do not need your money.

We need you to light a candle of support <http://www.lightamillioncandles.com>.

We're aiming to light at least One Million Candles by December 31, 2006.

This petition will be used to encourage governments, politicians, financial institutions, payment organisations, Internet service providers, technology companies and law enforcement agencies to eradicate the commercial viability of online child abuse.

They have the power to work together. You have the power to get them to take action.

Please light your candle at lightamillioncandles.com <http://www.lightamillioncandles.com> or send an email of support to light@lightamillioncandles.com.

Together, we can destroy the commercial viability of Internet child abuse sites that are destroying the lives of innocent children.

Kindly forward this email to your friends, relatives and work colleagues so that they can light a candle too.

Sep. 22nd, 2006


rant, rant, RANT !

What the eff is wrong with everyone? siriusly !

Ranting, b***hing, whining seems to be a new hobby for everyone. I mean rant la all you want but don’t make it a habit for Christ sake and not to mention there’s a new trend on LJ now i.e. attack fellow LJ users by posting an entry on them. If you don’t like what they have to say, let them know personally or something .. not post about them in a public community or your journal for the matter. I know it’s YOUR journal and you can do whatever you WANT to your journal but please act like a civilised person and find another way to solve matters out. I find this pretty lame. What do you get in return for doing so ? satisfaction ? attention ?


Short note : Selamat Berpuasa to all the Muslims !

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