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Malaysia Rants

Just let it all out.....

Malaysia: Complaint Department
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This community allows Malaysians to voice their displeasures with any topic, local or internation, serious or wacky, without prejudice, and hopefully, not too much cursing.

It is every individuals right to voice their displeasure at what is wrong in the world, and it is the communities obligation to act on such, if such displeasure is shared among the populous. - Karl Marx

There you go.

1. Be open minded.
2. Discuss issues rationally (at least for the first few paragraphs).
3. Cynicism and sarcasm will be accepted with open minds and hearts.
4. Swearing is allowed on the condition that one uses it sparingly.
5. Another thing, enjoy it.

Credits to gia_b an artist from an artist from for this wonderful Daily Newspaper LJ layout.