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Sep. 19th, 2006



Our public buses.

What an amusing sight. A super packed intrakota bus which is about to fall on its right hand side.

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Sep. 12th, 2006


(no subject)

Why doesn't the cabinet want to listen to Tun Mahathir??? Why doesn't Pak Lah in particular??? I have a lot of respect for Tun M. and I think that it is silly of Badawi not to take his advice into account. When is this all going to stop?? Is it really all about money and power?? :( I'm sure Mahathir wants nothing more than for Malaysia to remain a successful country....

Sep. 7th, 2006


(no subject)

Hi! I'm new to the msrants community. I am currently studying overseas, and during the years I am not back home in Malaysia, I have heard a lot about the economy crisis and the corruption in the government. Why? Malaysia was such a stable country. I miss having Mahathir around to run it. I cannot bear to think what might happen to Malaysia if the current situation is not solved.

If anyone has latest news on political feuds and other related stuff, please share it with me!!


(no subject)

I wonder if anyone would mourn over his death. Of course not, why ? cause he wasn't some celebrity hot shot and furthermore, he's a malaysian. So what if he modernised the country’s rubber industry .. no one cares.

R.I.P Tan Sri Dr B.C. Sekhar


Aug. 13th, 2006

Faye-Oh Bummer


Bukan Islam Liberal?

Here is an article + commentary I got forwarded from a friend (along with a LONG LIST of previous forwards) which details this particular religious website as inciting hate towards other religions. I'll lead the article do the talking for you. After reading this article, check the website and the following comments in it.

Here is the article plus the website link as well.

A muslim man has spread hate and incrimination against those who are non-muslims, thus creating a new kind of discrimination that is gauge, not by skin, but by religion - www.bukanliberal.org/articles/311/ - cut and paste this, read it, comment on it...tell your friends around the world about this.

The article you are about to read maybe profoundly offensive, esp to the christians, but let me tell you that it has been watered down multiple times. You no longer see the line where christians (or any other religion) are called retards or agama dongengan anymore or that the bible's fit to be x-rated material because the author of the hate-filled article is a coward. Many hate verses that were vile and demeaning against Christians and other religion were taken out in the article. The article is suppose to ends with "Convert all of them" at the last paragraph, something you would not be able to see anymore because it was edited out by the writer.

You can also see how my comments, and other people's were censored (in effort to make me look bad) to the points I brought forth that hits them raw. Look at the message i got after they deleted my comment:-

[Admin - Miss Elaine Lim has stepped over the line in trying to impose her set of beliefs of what she thinks is \"true Islam\ upon mainstream Islamic thought. I think we have had enough of her folks. I have given her the opportunity and space to say whatever she wants, however much we disagree wit her, but she has replied with discord and extreme retardedness reflective of her fundamentalist anti-Islam behaviour.]

Ironic, isn't it?

I said something somewhere along the lines of them threading on the same path as the terrorists around the world, pleadging to no country but only to their religion (which is the pledge that passed through the very lips of terrorists around the world),  jihad causes human devastation, screaming Allah's name in vain, fundamentalist has killed so many who they thought are infidels, creating disharmony, creating hate towards other religion, they interpret the quran however they want to see it etc...you might need to read more as to why i said all that. I didn't pull it out of my butt..hint is to read all or just parts of the comments posted on the site. I wont be suprised if they took those radical thoughts out by now.

I am now banned from posting comments on the site but they can't ban everyone. My Only regret was not saving the comment that got me banned in the first place.

May. 23rd, 2006

seeker sugi


the postal tragedy

admit it, most of us have to rely on the post office because they're half cheaper than the couriers. i am so tempted to ship the t-shirts to my customers through any courier by now, but looking at the exhorbitant rate, i digress. it costs almost as much as the t-shirt itself.

back to the main point. i've been going to this Pos Malaysia website day and night to calculate the shipping cost. according to the site, frantic parents can send to their son who's in oversea an expensive watch through the insured mail service. it doesn't say anything about registering, 'cos what puzzles me is, i can also insure my mail if it's registered by ticking on the option on the label, which is the understanding of the postal workers. my understanding is, the website has separate pages for registered mail and insured mail, they are two different things. don't believe me? look here: insured mail v registered mail.

yesterday i sent the t-shirt to my first international customer. the worker who attended to me was an elderly, and what he charged me was what a normal air mail would be plus the insured mail fee of RM 5. today i went again, he wasn't there, and everyone else was saying that in order to insure my mail, i had to register it as well. so i was quarreling with one of them until he showed up, and he said yesterday's mail was a mistake, since i was the very first (and i'm sure the very last) to request for insured mail. i told him about the website, and he told me that it needed to be registered only, there was no need to insure it at all. then i went to find some glue for the stamps, when i came back he asked me whether it was an item exceeding RM 100 and i said yes (although further calculating while driving home made me realize that it's RM 10 short), so he succumbed to me, while the other worker who treated me like shit was grunting under his breath. it was insured on top of the stamps and registration. so yes, all of them together. however, the site doesn't state that an item sent overseas has to have a minimum value, but whatever.

what dreads me is that i have many more t-shirts to send, and i have to go there because the workers at the other post office don't even know what insured mail is (i've been there and asked them, the disadvantage of a small town). i wouldn't even care how they wanted to post my mails if not for the website saying that my mails would be super ultra safe if they're insured. in fact i sent an e-mail to Pos Malaysia a week ago that is still unanswered, asking about the difference between insured mail and registered mail. i'm doing a business here, i want all my customers to receive the t-shirts, and the assurance that i get compensated if those tees ever get lost. since the worker insisted to register although i only insisted to insure, he did both and the shipping fee just now was much more than what my customer paid me (on our agreement after i calculated the rate based on the air mail plus the insured mail fee, since the insured mail page on the website doesn't mention anything about registrating the mail). i'm sure the other mails after this would exceed what my customers have paid me too.

shipping cost aside, i just want to know how the insured mail system works. the postal workers themselves were not clear on the services that they offer, 'cos i could tell that for them, insured mail was that option on the registered mail label, and nothing else. hey, i can admit i'm wrong if i'm wrong, but at least provide me a satisfactory answer? if there's no such thing as a separate insured mail, how come there's a page explaining about it, thus separating it from the registered mail? and the fact that it has its own tiny pink stamp with the word 'insured' that you have to stick on the mail, surely that's different than the insured registered mail (you know, the 'insured' box on the label)? were the workers right or was i so gullible to follow word-by-word of what the website was saying?

from this, i can write about a lot of other things that are not quite right with the customer service in Malaysia. not that i've ever been outside, i know that things are more or less the same too anywhere else, but this kind of thing irks customers like me who have done a research beforehand, so that we're clear about how the system works, only to be told that it works otherwise. the website explains one thing and the workers saying another. great. just what i need.

just a couple of my former experiences:

  1. a few years back, a Courts Mammoth salesman with a supposedly IT diploma told me that there's no such thing as connecting the computer to the hi-fi. i, however, found that it's easy to do with the right cable.
  2. a year back, i asked a TM officer about how did the hotspot work since i was promised free hotspot for two years but i didn't get my card, but she kept telling me that the only hotspot service available in Alor Star at that time was around Menara Alor Star, thus not answering my question. i still haven't gotten my hotspot card until now, and i only got another year left of free hotspot.

so was this postal case another such blunder or was i totally wrong to believe the website?

and don't get me started with some of the websites of the courier providers in Malaysia. i find that most of them don't have a working rate calculator, some even look like they're designed by clueless html noobs. i tried to send a message to one of them through a form provided but even that wasn't working!

the only good customer service i've experienced was when i complained to Sony Malaysia that their website didn't update the prices of the MD players. the officer (forgot her name, my hotmail account has since expired numerous times) e-mailed me just after a few days and they revamped the whole shopping section because of my complaint.

sorry if i'm all over the place, listing points is not my strength.

so what are your comments and experiences? i'm sure everyone has gone through this >.>

May. 6th, 2006


Random Idiots

I'm so exhausted now. I didn't swim a few miles or run a few kilometers or cycled the 60km Kuching-Serian highway. I was actually sitting right here on this very chair the whole afternoon, clearing up my friends list on Myspace. Gah, why do I keep getting random people adding me for no apparently reason.

I have absolutely no idea who they are and why they're adding me. I can't refused to read their profile because it's so fucked up with funky characters that they probably can't even read themselves, and they have like 345210 friends who I doubt they even know what their first names are.

Basically, I'm ranting about some of the idiotic people on this kind of online networking services. The sole reason why I'm using such a service is really just to get connected with my friends and family who are all over the world and especially those who are usually not online when I am, and online when I'm not.

The thing is, I hardly get this problem on Friendster, but I face this every.single.bloody.day. on MySpace. Why are people so idiotic. Gah. I removed 39 people (on Myspace) today, and I'm sure this is not the last time I'm doing it.

And yes, they are Malaysians. All of them.

And not to mention the two random messages I got from (also Malaysians) idiots who have a problem with me for no apparent reason and calling me stupid, gampunk (whatever that means), and that I should be ashamed of myself because my parents work so hard to give me a good education and yet I turn out to be like this. I mean really, LIKE WHAT?? They don't even KNOW me at all. I am doing absolutely great in school and I am probably way smarter than them, not to brag or anything. But only stupid people randomly make personal attacks on strangers like that.

Gahhhh. (Pardon me for the hostility of this post.)

May. 1st, 2006


Why Dr.'s?

Argggh!! I just have to rant! Grr.

So I went to visit my relatives a few days ago. And they kept bugging me to do medicine. (I've just finished Form 5 last year, my result was ok, 10A's 1B's, and I was recently called for a MARA interview for the scholarship to study overseas.)

The thing is, I have no interest in becoming a doctor. Gah. And they (the relatives) have this mentality that if I were to have the title "Dr." at the front of my name, only then will I be a respected member of the society. Wtf, lawyers and engineers and teachers and accountants and etc. are trained professionals too! Grrr.

And it's not like they're asking me to consider doing medicine, they just simply have that perception that I will be doing medicine. All attempts to clarify it was futile, they just simply turn deaf whenever I try to tell them that I applied to do pure science. (My plan is to do my masters in biophysics right after my first degree. I'd like to be a biophysics researcher.)

And plus, the B that I got was for biology haha. If I were to apply for medicine during my MARA scholarship application, I probably wouldn't even be shortlisted for the interview haha.

Aaanyway, results for the scholarship thing will only be known about two weeks after I enter matriculation college. I'm still torn about what I should do for matriculation, it's either physical science or biological science. I'm leaning more towards physical science, but the thing is, my dad was a biologist until he retired (early), and my mom is a science and biology teacher. My only sibling, a sister, did physical science and is currently doing a science degree majoring in physics. My poor parents, no one wants to follow their footstep? Hmm. I still need to think about it. They're not complaining, but I sort of feel sorry for them.

But the point of this rant is about the mentality of the society that only doctors are smart, respected people and everyone else are just nothing to be proud of. Grrr.

Apr. 25th, 2006

Faye-Oh Bummer



Yes, a newspaper template layout for the MS Rants. It took me a long time to calibrate the HTML placement and coding. Actually its a free layout which I just messed around with :p

GAHHHHHH *screams* Well hope you like the new layout. Took me a while to find the 'just nice' one.

Danny-SB Tank Top


New Layout for the Complaints Department.

Oh well, I've tinkered around a bit and got some layouts working.

Please leave comments should you want a nicer layout or to revert back to the old layout.

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