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Old Malaysia

June 2007

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nutana in msrants

rant, rant, RANT !

What the eff is wrong with everyone? siriusly !

Ranting, b***hing, whining seems to be a new hobby for everyone. I mean rant la all you want but don’t make it a habit for Christ sake and not to mention there’s a new trend on LJ now i.e. attack fellow LJ users by posting an entry on them. If you don’t like what they have to say, let them know personally or something .. not post about them in a public community or your journal for the matter. I know it’s YOUR journal and you can do whatever you WANT to your journal but please act like a civilised person and find another way to solve matters out. I find this pretty lame. What do you get in return for doing so ? satisfaction ? attention ?


Short note : Selamat Berpuasa to all the Muslims !


Pot calling kettle black.

Hey.. how's your lj layout? Find any nice ones recently? ]=)

Re: Pot calling kettle black.

terasa ke ? :)

I didn't know my LJ layout has that much of effect on you.
hahahahahahahahahaha just dump all the pots and kettles in the same longkang!
I'm far from bitching. I'm not only mentioning one person but the entire malaysian LJ community if you get what I mean.

Play nice girls PLEASE! >:(
we are .. no worries !
Danny, I'm not trying to pick a fight. Really, nutana just wants to be her usual self, go ahead. I don't want to be roped into this and have people thinking it's some kind of catfight.
I told you!

now you two wrestle in the mud and we guys will wank to it.
yay sheesh. lets smoke hasish?
lets. you bring the hash.



is this what m'sia is all about?

i'm no a LJ user but thought of commenting.

it's so memalukan since it's a WWW and if ppl stumble upon the M'sian journals semua nak gaduh and all. like what an impression right? personally, i think the MODs shouldn't approve those ranting kind of entries. if they wanna do it on their blog, then that's fair enough. don't u think so?

just my 2 pence. :D


Re: is this what m'sia is all about?

not a LJ user ? aiks how you found out about this community then ?

I don't know what is up everyones ass but honestly, I wish for these morons to stop fighting with each other. Just because someone said something doesn't mean you have to attack the person brutally. (I'm not speaking abt myself btw .. I could care less abt what people have to say about me) but just because of what other LJ user said , doesn't mean you have to make a BIG issue out of it. Hell, malaysians tend to make everything into a BIG issue anyways.

as for the mods, they're too busy wanking.

that's all I have to say.


Re: is this what m'sia is all about?

bloghopper. :)

Re: is this what m'sia is all about?

haha alright.

wouldn't hurt to sign up for an acct.
I'm ranting on how ridiculous one could get.

selamat berpuasa.


oh dear... i guess we're all in the same boat :)
err .. be more specific :o