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Old Malaysia

June 2007

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lestari in msrants

And the police cursed rempits as Anak Haram.

At around 3am I was driving at the highway from Hartamas towards the LDP. Mind you, my car was fast enough to be at the slow lane of the highway. The drive was really relaxing till this fast and furious driver decided to show up.

This waja suddenly turned behind me going God knows how many km/perhour. If there was a slower lane- trust me- it would have been my pick of the hour. Sure I would have gone to the middle lane if the the distance between my car and the car ahead were not too close. 

But ofcourse the fast and the furious waja did his stunts by cutting into the middle lane (therefore the waja was beside me) and then decided to cut into my lane while my car was beside it. Yes, I jam break on time with not only using breaks but hand breaks. The car in the middle lane was too shock that it honk at the car that was behind and then at the side of it.

To add more to the stunt the waja too had to sudden break- which ended up with a few screeching tyres from other cars behind it (including me) hoping we wont end up sardined.  And all that because it wanted to park its car infront of an immobile tow car at the side of the road. 

I flicked my finger when I passed the waja only to find out it was a police car. Like how could I not know? Easy. It didn't use the siren- neither did it go through the EMPTY (fast) right lane. 

And if he was a bloody rempit doing the stunts he did- I evilly would just drive him flat on the road rather than having my life killed over a low life cop.

the caption, "berkhidmat untuk negara" is way off the list it sounds more like, "berkhidmat seperti rempit".

I feel like telling the police man, "Kalau itu bukan rempit tapi anak haram.. What does that makes you?"