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Old Malaysia

June 2007

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lestari in msrants

Policeman found suspicious object in bag.

My friend had a very stressful day and all she wanted to do was just chill in the car and have some solitude. So she illegelally parked her car at the road side. Both of us start igniting our ciggarrates when two policemen caught us in the act and questioned us what we were doing inside.

And then they wanted to see the contents in our bags. My friend passed her bag to the policeman to dig in. He found a tampon in her bag. Astonishedly, he held the tampon at the torchlight.

Policeman: Apa bende ni? (What is this?)
My friend: Tampon la.
Policeman: Tampon tuh apa bende? (What is a tampon?) *Still holding on it*
My friend:  bwahahahahahaha
Me: Perempuan ada haid, guna tampon la bang..  (girls who have menstruation uses tampon la)
Policeman: Hah!! keciknya!! (Hah!! So small!!) *and drops it on the car disgustedly*

Anyways, the policemen informed my friend and I that for aslong as the driver isn't holding any Malaysian or International Driving license- they are not allowed to drive. Plus we pay monthly license for rm30+ for a year... yet the non-malaysians pays way less than us for a way longer term. NOT FAIR!!


their stupidity really amuses me.
tell me about it.. atleast they didnt ask for bribes.. considering they found too much money in her bag.
Eeee, could be a pick up line kot?

But Aput's reasoning is true too. They DO need girlfriends.

Anyways, mesti polis budak kampung LOL XD. However, if lets say the tampon is replaced with a Winged Sanitary Pad it'll much clearer even if the dude hasn't seen 'women stuff' before.
errmm pick up line???

nah.. they were (hard to believe)kinda honest nice and ignorant though.

but yahh.. aput should find them girlfriends.
u nak carikan perempuan for them ker? :)